Power BI Gateway Version Alert

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Power BI Gateway software is updated monthly. There is no auto-update available, and you probably wouldn’t want to auto-update anyway. Updates to Gateways are like updates to Database software: plan accordingly and test beforehand. You don’t want to break any production reports.

Fortunately, Microsoft’s released a new DataGateway Powershell module that us gateway administrators can use to alert us that our Gateways could be upgraded and we should have a look. The module can do a lot more, but we’ll just focus on the Version status here.

Sample results from Get-DataGatewayClusterStatus cmdlet

What we want is to collect the Gateway Upgrade State for our Gateway Cluster. Assuming you are at least the Gateway Administrator for your Gateway, here are the steps:

  1. Install Powershell 6 and launch Powershell 6.
  2. Install the DataGateway module from the Powershell gallery by running Install-Module -Name DataGateway.
  3. Run Login-DataGateway and login in the browser window that pops up with your account.
  4. Run Get-DataGatewayCluster and make note of your gateway Id
  5. Run Get-DataGatewayClusterStatus -GatewayClusterId <Your Cluster Id Here>

In this process, you’ll see there’s a lot of information you can see concerning your gateway. If you’re a Power BI or Office 365 Global Administrator, you’ll see a lot more gateways too. This is great!

When I have time, I’ll write another post on how to collect this information across all the gateways in your tenant. Also, I should note that this information is also available in the Manage gateway admin page in the Power BI Service. Click on your gateway(s) list and you’ll find the notification that your gateway server(s) should probably be upgraded.

Thanks for reading.

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