My Top 5 Apps of All Time

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Over the holidays, my oldest daughter looked at my iPhone and laughed “Papa, how can you find anything? Can I organize it for you?” I immediately said yes. For those that don’t know Lisette, she’s the best organizer! When I got my phone back, I loved it. She even made room for more apps. Hmm, I thought, but I don’t need more apps. What I could use is quicker access to the apps I use all the time. Rather than have these apps in folders on my home screen, I put them in their own space for easy one-touch access. “There”, I said, showing my daughter, which she agreed made sense. Made me feel great, since it’s not everyday I gets to feel cool with my 14-year old.

So here are some of those apps I positioned on my home screen on their own. My top 5 apps of all time:

  1. Dropbox – back up files, photos, videos from any device
  2. Evernote – write notes anywhere, anytime, from any device
  3. Google Maps – find locations, get directions, phone numbers, mark them down for alter, from any device
  4. Spotify – listen to anything, anywhere, from any device. Also has the best playlists on the planet.
  5. Amazon Prime Video – watch anything, anywhere, from any device

Notice the bold print on this list. These are more than just phone apps. These services work across different devices; cross-platform, as they say in the tech world. That’s important to me and in some cases, our entire family.

Even though our family uses Apple devices a lot, we’ve got others we use just as often (Fire HD tablets, Windows laptops, Fire TV, Roku). All these apps work seamlessly across all our devices. All are cloud-based, so you never have to worry about losing data. You can store content locally on the device to access it offline. You can share easily (and securely) with others who own different platforms (Android, Chrome OS, etc).

Social media apps and apps only available in the Apple App Store didn’t make this list. Why? Well, because not everyone uses social media or owns an Apple device. This list is about apps that everyone can use.

I’ll follow up with some review of these apps to explain why they are mission-critical for me and the family. In the meantime, do you have a useful app? Would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment so I can test it out.

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