Top 2014 Leadership Lessons Learned

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Dictatorship and Leadership, know which one you are doing. The former is dangerous.

There are times when you have to put your foot down and lay out a plan, then there are times when you need to let your creative team take over and do what they are best at. This is a skill I have often in the past referred to as “playing chess”, whereby I know everyone on the team’s skillsets, personalities, and strong points, and put them into roles and/or assign tasks that will help the team as a whole to succeed. I still have a great deal to learn about “chess”, I’m not even a good chess player, but I do like to think about the bigger picture. Zoom out at hover over my team to see where we need help and who can come in and help the team succeed even more.

Dictatorship means not only are you putting your foot down and laying out a plan, but your overcontrolling and lack accountability and transparency. Very very dangerous place to be in for a leader. If you find yourself here, figure your way out and QUICK. Can be done with a simple phone call assuming you have a good relationship with those you’ve boxed out, or for apologizing and owning your mistakes, but promising to change in the future and owning that as well.

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